Our Approach

The Neighbourhood Plan will take shape over the the next two years (from March 2017) and inline with the VWHDC Local Plan Part 2 because of the proposed major development of Dalton Barracks.

Document Repository

Numerous documents have been produced by local volunteers during the NP process and these are available for download below.

The Final NP for Referendum

This is the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan that the referendum will be decided on.

The Submitted NP

The Submitted NP under Examination.

WSHWNP Document

The NP Consultation Statement.

NP Policy Framework

The Steering Group NP Policy Framework.


Our current Timeline.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

The outcome of the referendum.

VWHDC Decision Statement

This is the decision statement from the VWHDC that sets out the basis for the decision to go to Referendum.

Basic Conditions Statement

The basic conditions statement.

Basic Conditions Statement

NP Questionnaire Report.

NP Update Leaflet

Come and see us at WADSSTOCK.

Designated Area Submission

Our Submission Document on what we think the designated area should be.

Information on the Referendum

This document sets out information for voters on the 24th October Referendum.

Character Assessment

The NP Character Assessment.

Screening Opinion

The NP Screening Opinion.

Approved Designated Area

Download the Official approval document for the Designated Area.

Steering Group Presentation

Our initial NP Presentation.

Can You Help?

Feel as though you can help?  Can you spare some time?  Register your interest using the email address: i-want-to-help@wshwnp.org.uk. Or contact us using the button on the right.