This is where you will find further information on Neighbourhood Plans.

Vale of White Horse District Council

Neighbourhood Plans Information

Here you will find how all the NPs in the district are progressing.  Please use this link.

WSHWNP Progress

To view the progress of our NP according the VWHDC please use this link.

Vale Planning Register

To find the documents and decisions related to particular planning applications, click here to reach the Vale’s Planning Register. This provides a comprehensive search facility: if you know the application’s reference number you can put it in; you can search by location (e.g. Wootton) and period of time submitted; or see a list of very recent applications all over the Vale; or select the location on an interactive map.

The new Local Plan 2031

The new, proposed  Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031 is available on the VWHDC website.

The Local Plan is a key planning document that will help guide development decisions in the Vale until the year 2031. It is a large document, so it has been broken down into five parts plus appendices to make it easier to download. Various documents that will be submitted together with the actual Local Plan 2031 are also downloadable as pdfs from the same web page, which also includes a link to the existing Local Plan 2011.

The Vale submitted the new Local Plan to the Secretary of State in March 2015, along with comments received during the public consultation that ended in December 2014. It is being considered by the planning inspector during a public examination and should be approved soon. This covers how it was put together and whether it is appropriate, achievable and in line with the government’s policies on planning.

This document is actually Part 1 of 2. It is called Strategic Sites and Policies, and is the big picture – for example, it only covers developments of more than 200 dwellings.

Local Plan Part 2

Part 2, Detailed Policies and Local Sites, will go into more detail and also cover smaller developments. Information on Part 2 of the LP can be found here.

Other Neighbourhood Plans


Drayton (near Abingdon) started their plan in September 2012, so they are a long way ahead of WSHW. It is a very different village to Wootton, but we can still learn from this site.

Drayton’s Plan is now in effect, but it took a long time. Their first meeting was in September 2012 and their community questionnaire was in July 2013. Public consultation on the Plan was completed in July 2014 and a final revised version of their Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the VWHDC in September 2014 for examination. It was passed by referendum in March 2015, but only became part of the Vale’s local plan in July 2015, nearly three years after they started.


Woodcote Neighbourhood Plan web page

April 2014: Woodcote votes yes! to Neighbourhood Plan!
Woodcote’s Neighbourhood Plan went to referendum on April 3rd 2014 following a successful independent examination.

Great Coxwell

Great Coxwell Neighbourhood Plan web page

Great Coxwell’s Neighbourhood Plan is also worth looking at, because unlike Woodcote they have not tried to specify sites for future development.

Vale of White Horse Residential Design Guide SPD

The council has now adopted two more Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) – Residential Design Guide and Sustainable Design and Construction. These were adopted by Council on 9 December 2009. The complete Residential Design Guide is very large, so only the Contents is available on this web site: VWH Residential Design Guide Contents (pdf). The other sections of the guide are available here.

The VWHDC Sustainable Design and Construction SPD is much shorter: VWH Sustainable Design and Construction (pdf).


The Vale has produced a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). This identifies sites that might be suitable for housing, but note that these are not the subject of planning applications and the landowners have not been consulted. A page with links to the main report and to appendices for various towns and villages – is here.


A useful website. Their booklet with advice for preparing a neighbourhood plan, Keeping it Simple, is available here (pdf).

Planning Portal and Localism

The Planning Portal is the UK Government’s online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. Its Neighbourhood Planning pages include information about the Localism Act (2011), which introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape new development by coming together to prepare neighbourhood plans.

A plain English guide to the Localism  Act

The website includes this guide (pdf) to the Localism Act of 2011.