St Helen and Wootton Area Designation June 2017

The Designated Area

The Designated Area

The now approved designated area for the Wootton and St Helen Without Joint Neighbourhood Plan comprises the whole of the land within the parish boundaries of the two parishes.  The Vale of White Horse District Council Local Plan Part 2, published on 9th March 2017, focusses strongly on the development of Dalton Barracks as a ‘Garden Village’ with a housing allocation of 1,200 during the period of the Local Plan Part 2, rising up to an estimated capacity of 3,000 thereafter.  This will have a major impact on the two parishes, not least in terms of infrastructure.  It was, therefore, vitally important that the MOD land within the two parishes is included in the ‘designated area’. The Joint Neighbourhood Plan will permit the two parish councils to look after the interests of the whole of the present and future population of the two parishes ensuring that they can continue to enjoy their green spaces and maintain their economic viability.


Justification for the Designated Area

The Parishes of Wootton and St Helen Without share a common boundary of approximately 4 kilometres, but the community connections between the two parishes far exceeds the closeness of the physical boundary.

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