Wootton and St Helen Without Parish Councils have been developing a joint Neighbourhood Plan. A Pre-Submission plan was created and the consultation took place between 21st May and 6th July 2018. It gave residents, local organisations, businesses and statutory bodies the opportunity to see what future planning policies and community actions are being suggested for Wootton and St Helen Without Parishes.

We are delighted that after a period of discussion with the Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) they have accepted our Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for submission for independent examination with some minor amendments. You can view the NP and supporting documents below and at www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/wshw. The VWHDC invited comments on the NP and supporting documents prior to the examination during a six-week publicity period from Friday 5 October until 5pm on Friday 16 November 2018. The comments received can also be downloaded from the above webpage.

Hard copies are available to view, please email: clerk-shwpc@woottondrysandfordshippon.co.uk.

The NP Steering Group encouraged everyone to study the NP. It is very much based on what the community sees as the most important issues and needs for the future development of our area. The Independent Examiner will consider all comments both supportive and those which suggests ways in which the NP could be improved.

The submitted plan documents can be downloaded below:

Neighbourhood Plan

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement

Screening Opinion

What Happens Next?

The VWHDC appointed an independent examiner in December 2018, namely, Mr Andrew Ashcroft. The NP Steering Group was given a choice of examiners by the VWHDC and sought advice from our NP consultant, Nigel McGurk before selecting Mr Ashcroft. He was the examiner for the Radley Neighbourhood Plan.  It is anticipated that the examination with take place in January / February 2018. Once the examiner is satisfied that the NP has met the required conditions, the VWHDC will organise a referendum of the local community in early 2019. If a majority of those voting support the NP it will be adopted and become a legal part of the VWHDC's Planning Process. The two Parish Councils will be responsible for the implementation of the NP, particularly, seeking ways to build on the ideas for community actions to enhance the quality of life in the area.